Logistics - Digital Marketing Transformation via App Development​

Industry: Logistics​

Expertise tags: Digital Transformation; Logistics Optimization; Data-Driven Decision Making​
Tech used: Graph Technology; Web Application; Offline Functionality​

The Challenge:​

The client needed to monitor and control their logistics setup, managed by external cooperation partners. They required an efficient process for drivers to use optimized routes and manage daily operations at each touchpoint.​

The Solution:​

A user-friendly app was implemented to assist delivery drivers with optimized routes. The app was developed with a graph technology that works offline, accelerating development and data aggregation. This approach allowed back-office teams to act on data points efficiently.​

The Result:​

The app reduced the time per stop for each driver and standardized their processes. It enhanced back-office control over delivery routes, inventory, and overall process management, resulting in a lightweight solution. The app underwent multiple iterations, improving integration with the client’s existing tech stack and enabling other teams to leverage its data analytics capabilities.​