Manufacturing - Manufacturing Data Model Modernization & Integration​

 Industry: Manufacturing

Expertise Tags: Data Structure Management; System Scalability; Cross-Departmental Integration

Tech Used: In-Memory Database; REST API; SAP Integration

The Challenge:​

The client, a renowned manufacturing player, needed to update their complex and historically grown data model to meet international quality and safety standards. They required a form solution with a modern user interface that could be adopted by users at all levels and meet stringent quality and safety requirements.

The Solution:​

A flexible, scalable system was provided to the client, based on a leading in-memory database and equipped with voice recognition. This system was developed in cooperation with the implementation partner, Brimit. The solution is designed to analyze massive data in real-time and offers a user-friendly interface that caters to various parallel operations across complex data structures.

The Result:​

The new system facilitated the provision of detailed, real-time data across different departments, enhancing the capability to oversee production and logistics. It integrated processes across the entire value chain with REST API endpoints to SAP and other third-party systems, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations. The system’s flexibility and scalability support the client’s continuous growth and adaptation to new market demands.