Retail - IT Infrastructure Upgrade with Cloud and Edge Computing​

Industry: Retail

Expertise Tags: Cloud Native Projects; Kubernetes Deployment; AI & Computer Vision; Edge Computing

Tech Used: Kubernetes; AI Algorithms; Computer Vision; Edge Devices

The Challenge:​

Our Retail client required a robust Cloud Native environment to support evolving business needs and ensure that their services were resilient, manageable, and observable. They needed to maintain a seamless flow of operations with high availability and scalability.

The Solution:​

A Kubernetes-based solution was implemented, facilitating easy scaling of applications and providing a consistent environment for development, testing, and production. AI and computer vision were integrated to enhance the client’s capabilities in image processing and analytics. Edge computing was also employed to process data closer to the source, improving response times and saving bandwidth.

The Result:​

The solution allowed the client to deploy applications rapidly, manage them efficiently, and scale effortlessly. The incorporation of AI and computer vision technologies optimized image-related processes, while edge computing facilitated faster data processing and reduced latency. This comprehensive tech suite supported the client in staying ahead of the competition by leveraging the full potential of modern Cloud Native and Edge Computing technologies.