Design & Engineer​​

Our team thrives on innovation and competition, always pushing to use the latest tools and techniques. This approach keeps our solutions cutting-edge, ahead of the game. We start with design in mind, focusing on creating experiences that look great and work seamlessly across all devices, especially mobiles. This makes sure your brand and user experience are top-notch right from the start.

Understanding your needs is our first step. We bring together our best minds—developers, strategists, designers, and data scientists—to plan out how to make your project a success. We talk, we plan, and we make sure everyone’s on the same page, setting the stage for what’s to come.

Our work process is all about quick, agile sprints. Every couple of weeks, we have something new to show you, making sure it fits perfectly with the design and your expectations. It’s a team effort to keep improving and moving forward.

Testing is a big part of our process. We make sure everything works just right, from start to finish. And once we launch, we don’t just walk away. We spend a whole month making sure any little bugs are fixed, ensuring everything runs smoothly at no extra cost to you.

In short, we’re all about creating solutions that not only meet today’s needs but are also ready for tomorrow’s challenges, all while keeping you and your users happy.

Our expertise in Design: ​

  • User Experience Management: Website redesign, Usability testing, Customer journey mapping
  • User Interface Design: Mobile app interfaces, Dashboard creation, Brand consistency
  • IT Architecture: System design, Cybersecurity implementation, Data management

​Our expertise in Engineering: 

  • Web Development: JavaScript, React, ExpressJS/NodeJS
  • Tailored Software Development: Java, C#, Python, Jupyter
  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, UX/UI
  • Backend: Java, C#, Python, ExpressJS/NodeJS, Spring, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, MySQL, Sql Server
  • DevOps: Docker, Jenkins, DataDog, Azure (DevOps, Backlog, Test Management), Google Cloud Platform, ELK stack
  • Quality Assurance: Cucumber / Specflow / BDD, Appium / Mobile automation, Selenium / UI automation, Code management (i.e. git), Test planning and management
  • Cloud / Infrastructure Management: Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Redshift – Cloud Data Warehouse, Exasol, Teradata, Spark, Cassandra
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: MicroStrategy, Power BI, Jupyter

Typical assignment:  ​

  • Designing & building an eComm platform
  • Designing & building custom software solutions or – integration
  • Technology Platform implementation (e.g. CRM, CXM or ERP)