Integrate & Automate​

Automation should be a strategic enabler for your business, helping you streamline your operations. It’s about doing more with less, save costs, and empowering your teams to reach their full potential. 

Our approach ​

It starts with your strategic objectives, and understanding where to start. Then, we deep dive into your prioritised processes, and redesign them. Only after they have been optimised, we’re starting to integrate systems and automate your process with various technologies.

A great way to organise this is to set up an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE). The CoE has the expertise, technical know-how, and best practices that supports your organization through every step of your automation journey.

We advocate for a democratized approach to automation, one where the power to optimize isn’t held by a few but is distributed across your organization. We help everyone in your team understand and utilize automation, ensuring they have the tools to innovate their own workflows effectively. This empowerment is balanced with clear governance, providing the necessary guardrails to maintain control and ensure best practices are followed. ​​

Key benefits: ​

  • Do more with less: improve operational efficiency by 30% on average
  • Save costs: reduce costs by 25% – 40% on average
  • Empower your teams: allowing people to automate and improve the way they work.

Typical assignments: ​

  • ECommerce and Order Automation
  • Integration of IT application landscape
  • E2E process design & automation
  • Setting up an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE