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We stand as your robust and committed digital partner, building your scalable digital solutions.
We bring years of experience in various industries, with a focus on Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics.
We’ve built complex Commerce systems, winning new business and streamlining operations.

Define & Transform

Knowing where you want to be is easy. Knowing how to get there can be difficult. We see this all the time with ambitious companies but don’t have a plan for how to do it.

Defining a strategy gives you a plan of action. It doesn’t take you straight to your goals because there’s still work to be done, but with a strategy in place you know how to make the right steps.​​

We sit and discuss your vision, your goals, your customer base, the challenges you face and every other facet of your organisation. The more we learn, the better the plan for growing your business.

Our role is to guide your business through its transformation, ensuring that the changes are fully integrated and effective within your organization.

We work with the teams and people involved, we guide, we coach and collaborate across teams to make sure the change is going to last, and we achieve the full benefits. 

The success lies in the effective implementation, that is what we ensure during the “transform’ phase.​​

Our expertise:​

  • Digital Strategy & Transformation: E-commerce overhaul, Cloud migration strategy, AI & Automation Strategy
  • Organisational Design: Team restructuring, Operating Model Optimization
  • Business Analysis: Market analysis, Competitive benchmarking, Requirement Analysis
  • Product Management: Product development, Feature prioritization, Roadmap planning
  • IT Architecture: System design, Cybersecurity implementation, Data management
  • Project & Program Management: Agile execution, Program coordination, Risk management
  • Change Management: Culture shift, Technology adoption, Stakeholder engagement

Typical assignment: ​​

  • Crafting Digital Transformation Roadmaps
  • Designing Effective Organizational Structures
  • Implementing Comprehensive Change Management Plans

Design & Engineer​​

Our team thrives on innovation and competition, always pushing to use the latest tools and techniques. This approach keeps our solutions cutting-edge, ahead of the game. We start with design in mind, focusing on creating experiences that look great and work seamlessly across all devices, especially mobiles. This makes sure your brand and user experience are top-notch right from the start.

Understanding your needs is our first step. We bring together our best minds—developers, strategists, designers, and data scientists—to plan out how to make your project a success. We talk, we plan, and we make sure everyone’s on the same page, setting the stage for what’s to come.

Our work process is all about quick, agile sprints. Every couple of weeks, we have something new to show you, making sure it fits perfectly with the design and your expectations. It’s a team effort to keep improving and moving forward.

Testing is a big part of our process. We make sure everything works just right, from start to finish. And once we launch, we don’t just walk away. We spend a whole month making sure any little bugs are fixed, ensuring everything runs smoothly at no extra cost to you.

In short, we’re all about creating solutions that not only meet today’s needs but are also ready for tomorrow’s challenges, all while keeping you and your users happy.

Our expertise in Design: ​

  • User Experience Management: Website redesign, Usability testing, Customer journey mapping
  • User Interface Design: Mobile app interfaces, Dashboard creation, Brand consistency
  • IT Architecture: System design, Cybersecurity implementation, Data management

Our expertise in Engineering: ​

  • Web Development: JavaScript, React, ExpressJS/NodeJS
  • Tailored Software Development: Java, C#, Python, Jupyter
  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, UX/UI
  • Backend: Java, C#, Python, ExpressJS/NodeJS, Spring, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, MySQL, Sql Server
  • DevOps: Docker, Jenkins, DataDog, Azure (DevOps, Backlog, Test Management), Google Cloud Platform, ELK stack
  • Quality Assurance: Cucumber / Specflow / BDD, Appium / Mobile automation, Selenium / UI automation, Code management (i.e. git), Test planning and management
  • Cloud / Infrastructure Management: Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Redshift – Cloud Data Warehouse, Exasol, Teradata, Spark, Cassandra
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: MicroStrategy, Power BI, Jupyter

Typical assignment:  

  • Designing & building an eComm platform
  • Designing & building custom software solutions or – integration
  • Technology Platform implementation (e.g. CRM, CXM or ERP)


Integrate & Automate​ 

Automation should be a strategic enabler for your business. It’s about doing more with less, save costs, and empowering your teams to reach their full potential. 

It starts with a deep dive into your processes, identifying how automation can transform your organization, integrate your IT systems, and redesign your end-to-end processes. 

By establishing an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE), we don’t just set you up for a one-time change; we lay the foundations for continuous improvement. Our CoE acts of expertise, technical know-how, and best practices that supports your organization through every step of your automation journey. It’s about creating a sustainable, long-term transformation that grows and evolves with your needs.

We advocate for a democratized approach to automation, one where the power to optimize isn’t held by a few but is distributed across your organization. We help everyone in your team understand and utilize automation, ensuring they have the tools to innovate their own workflows effectively. This empowerment is balanced with clear governance, providing the necessary guardrails to maintain control and ensure best practices are followed. Our role is to guide you in defining these standards and act as your advisor, ensuring your Automation CoE is steering you towards success.

With automation, we also aim to “take the robot out of the human”. This means automating routine and repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on work that requires a human touch—like creativity and personal interaction. It’s not only about efficiency; it’s about reducing errors and increasing compliance, contributing to a smoother, more reliable operation.

In partnering with us, you’re not just automating processes; you’re building a smarter business. A business where teams are liberated from the mundane to pursue excellence, where technology is not a crutch but a catalyst, and where the journey of transformation is as rewarding as the destination. Ready to take the leap into a future where your business doesn’t just perform, it excels? Let us guide you there.

Key benefits: ​

  • Do more with less 
  • Win more business
  • Empower your teams

Typical assignments: ​

  • ECommerce and Order Automation
  • Integration of IT application landscape
  • E2E process design & automation
  • Setting up an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE

Our partners

We collaborate with a set of expert technology partners, helping their customers achieve their objectives.


Advanced low-code platform provider

Structr encapsulates the entire application blueprint, from data model and business logic to the user interface, in a graph database. This unique strategy facilitates exceptional speed and flexibility in application development and maintenance, leading to substantial time and cost efficiencies.We strategize, construct, and maintain bespoke projects for their clients, utilizing the Structr platform while incorporating customized manual elements

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Powerful suite of cloud computing services

We specialize in tailoring GCP's diverse offerings to suit the specific business needs of your customers, helping them create a robust, future-proof cloud infrastructure that scales with their growth.

From startups to established enterprises, we make their Google Cloud journey seamless and successful.


Tailored to your needs

If our partners' solutions align with your needs - wonderful!

But if they don't, we don't hesitate to determine the software that truly fits. We evaluate usability, functionality, cost, scalability, and integration options to match you with the ideal solution.