The redyal model

“Scaling projects is as challenging as scaling a product, which is why one needs the other”


As a business leader, you understand the critical balance between concentrating on your core product development and expanding your customer base to reach long-term success.

If you find yourself juggling between widening your customer base and maintaining focus on product development, proven use-cases and clear recommendations advocate for outsourcing and incorporating a partner throughout the process.

At the beginning of any collaboration, we invest in understanding your setup, technology, and customer base to provide a tailor-made solution and thorough execution. Our 360-degree support spans strategy, conception, and execution, while we maintain constant collaboration with your teams to ensure total alignment.

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Solving issues and delivering what we promise lies in our DNA.The most vital aspect lies in addressing the issues and challenges confronting your customers.

That's where we step in: Our team of over 30 individuals possesses expertise in diverse areas like product, engineering, and UI/UX to ensure your problems are resolved effectively.

Owing to our team's wide-ranging expertise, we can support your product and also identify potential areas for growth.

Every project comes with a success measurement and impact assessment capability: Providing complete product teams that can handle a project through its entire lifecycle—from engagment, delivery to repeating the success—is our proven success formula.

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Consider us as your extended team and enabler for business growth.

Rely on REDYAL for standard onboarding, implementations, and continuous enhancements to solutions already operational with your customers.

This not only satisfies your customers but also benefits you:

We offer various commercial models, depending on whether we serve as an integrated team or an external partner. Either way, you benefit twice: you encourage your customers to use your product more, thus boosting revenue, while keeping your focus on product development.

No matter the project, we see ourselves as a business partner rather than just an agency.

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