What we do

We’re experts in building scalable digital systems. ​
We integrate systems and automate workflows, so that you can do more with less, save costs and empower your teams.

We bring deep industry expertise in Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics. ​


Building experiences your teams and customers love.


Integrate systems & automate workflows your teams use every day. ​


Leveraging the latest tech, so that you stay ahead.


Get results fast and collaborate to achieve more. ​


Define & Transform

We start by deeply understanding your business using data. This helps us create a digital strategy that's both informed and effective for growing your company. We build a plan and help your transform your organization.

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Design & Engineer

Any great digital solutions starts with the assessing the User Experience (UX), from the initial layout to the final optimisations. We're with you at every step to ensure a smooth and effective design journey.​

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Integrate & Automate

The foundation of an effective organization are end-to-end processes that cut across teams and systems without friction. ​

That starts with redesigning processes, speeding up cycle times and connecting your systems, to allow for effective automation of your enterprise.

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Redyal Model

A No-Bullshit-Approach to growing your business


Understanding your business and your challenge is the fuel for the journey. We bring expertise from many industries and uncover new possibilities to derive a approach and plan that guarantees success.


Our solutions are based on multiple scenarios, if time is of concern, we work in quick iterations to provide the most significant impact. Additionally, we also work in big-bang approaches. Frameworks are suited for your goals.


REDYAL customers continue to work with us, and we pride ourselves in a 100 % customer retention. Companies from the US, Europe and APAC prefer the focus on delivery over slides.

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We operate in two countries: Germany and Romania with specialised Teams in each location.


We are 32 committed individuals with diverse expertise in Engineering, UI /UX, Project and Product Management.


We engage fully with your product, becoming experts in it. Your customers will receive the same standard of service they are accustomed to and expect from you.

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